I found some of true friends here.  Here the first time I feel so comfortable about being a servant to God.  Less critics, less struggle.  People tend to accept me as I am.  They don’t see my problem, but see my talents. 

Maybe, that because many of them had bigger problems than me.  They had kind of economic problem, marriage problem, relationship problem, and they see me as a better person who they could look to.  Before, I never asked for an advise.  But in this church, people did.  Before, I had painful experience on how church member humiliated me of underestimate my talents.  But in this church, they just appreciate me, sometimes too high for what actually me.

I and other members form a new church choir, conduct its practices and the choir turn out to be one of the best in the area only in couple of months.

Unfortunately, conflicts are everywhere.  When I found out true friends, I also found true enemies.  They who doesn’t agree with us, fill the environments with stories of how uncompetent we are.  They called my husband a-pastor-who-break-the-church.  We don’t use a fancy car, just a small soap-box-like one, but every week we went, a new scratch happened to the body of the car.  Once, after a midweek prayer meeting, while going through a road filled with truck-containers, we found that the tires are flat and found that someone necessarily open its wind-control.

I not regret of what they did to me and my family.  Should God himself regret of their jealousy and stubborn head, I guess.  Hope those people find their peace after we left.  

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