Peace is when you can go on your service though the lot is heavy. 

I found that my lot here was not lighter from past churches yet nor heavier.  It is bearable.  With Christ Himself as my advisor and the Father as my leader, every time I looked back at my footsteps it wasn’t mine which stomp on the dessert, it was His.

In this period, I found some true and good friends. A strong team to bring dreams comes true.  I can count easily many times when the team work together on occassions on children ministries and developments.  Each of the team member knows their strength and struggled themselves to fit on each other’s strength combined a royal service to God.  I do appreciate that!  As I go on my journey, I know I would miss them heartily.  I know my appreciation to them never had enough, and hope God himself will shower them with abundant blessings.

In my personal note, I do satisfy with the Children Ministries here.  Don’t mean that it is perfect, not yet…but its above average of any other I experience before.  I do hope in many years after this, they still have the same spirit, same love, same strong team and same desire to serve and develop the children.  From simple things like Sabat 13 to more complicated things like Perona to Adventurer to Pathfinder, and to the goal when these children become witness for Jesus.  Hope the children grow themself an attitude of God.


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