Four years.  Kind of a record. The longest service ever was three years but this time come up to four years.

I strongly suggest that three years is an ideal.  For three years I serve with trusted and sincerity knowing not that a storm will came up on the forth.  May said it was not storm but felt to me as big as the heavy rain with big wind hitting my pure soul.  Yes, for three years I don’t know that there are many hatred and complains around that can carry to an overloading misunderstanding.

For three years I dedicated my time and my effort to teach the kids. Teach them anything, befriend them and educate them not only of God’s love but also servant’s skill. I taught them sing, drama, storytelling, preaching, playing instruments and encourage them to take parts on church’s service.  I did that because I love the church and I LOVE GOD.  I served God unlimited. What makes my heart sad is when I didn’t do those charity service, the church member hates me! They made a good logical act to squeeze me out of the daily communication and eventually posted alert in the mailing list: can we look for another violin teacher?  Big sigh.

My message is like this. If eventually the person is not functioned as expected, in church we supposedly supporting each other and not complaining. When one person doesn’t do as expected, we are faithfully and lovingly seek the solution to build each other faith, not to ruining them. What if we expel anyone that doesn’t follow the conduct? The church will be empty!

And in my case, I never been appointed to do the charity, but when I didn’t do I got expel.  I  saw other people who didn’t do their service they didn’t get the bad treatment as me and that hurting me more.

So, back to the lesson learned. I strongly imagine three years as ideal.

I strongly suggested that each of church member should be humble. If eventually they have more money or richer by God’s grace it doesn’t mean that they can be MEAN to the church pastor or his family.

I strongly suggested that each of church member learn about the sincere service.

A person who doesn’t know how to teaching should not criticize a teacher.  A person who doesn’t have the will to involve with the children should not criticize the trainer.

A person who is not willing even to visit the sick should not criticize those who diligently visiting and praying on sick houses.

A church leader who never attend midweek prayer and vesper should not announce how sad he is that there is no prayer service in the podium based on an sms text without knowing the real situation.

A church member who doesn’t know why the Pastor has to go to do a baptism should not point a finger and call him liar based on rumor.

Learn and learn again from the leaders. How to organize the children, how to organize the youth, the kind of different Sabbath school lesson apply to each ages,  how to organize the women and kind of activities to reach out, and most important how to serve everyone with trustful heart.  When we realize we only know a little we will lean to God to learn more. But if we think we are good enough then we judge it makes us Laodicean.

Sad is when the laodicean show their faces mostly the smyrnan will goes away.


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