We spent one year serves here.  The church were very small. Twenty to fourty people every sabbath.  Very simple yet so complicated.

From a tough church we came to this simple church.  They usually easy with what their pastor told them, but we came when they got these two problems. 

First, the leaving pastor was unbelievably ignorant.  He kind of person who would able to come to church and sleep all along the sermon.  He kind of person who would able to took much of the potluck portion for himself.  Worst, he kind of person who has the gut to keep the tithe and offering that supposedly to submit to the organization at once in his pocket for some period before send it away. I wrote these here bukan untuk jelek-jelekin that pastor.  I put the facts to people to be able to understand kind of obstacles we faced in each place we came. 

Second, a retired pastor happen to reside in the area and visited the church.  Ignoring the regulation that a retired pastor doesn’t have any authorization to commence such ceremony, he insisted on doing so.  He doesn’t care of the opinion of the church pastor aka my husband. He became another challenging item in the church efforts.

Third, ever so from the first sabbath, the church member already talk about their intention to discipline a member. Ow!

One thing that I always wished was that when we come to a church, the leaving pastor had left a good steps. I feel so hard when knowing that something had wrongly done in the past, and is to be corrected in our time.

My son’s first birthday was in this church.  Though I am not a good cook, I put an effort to prepare bunches of fried chicken with rice and salad for all church member who attend the mid-week prayer meeting.  It was a memorable moment for us.

In this period, I was a full-time housewife.  I had no income.  When it comes to Children Ministries need, I had to ask my friends. I would like to thank Nelson for his generous contribution.  I bought some simple books and coloring sets.  I hope what I left  there will be useful for them, though what I heard later was different.

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